Culture and Connections!


After being here in Barcelona for 3 weeks, I have learned so much about the culture here. There are many differences in the culture everything from how people say hello to the time people eat dinner. There is something new to learn every day about the culture and way of life. Most people do a typically greeting a kiss and hug (if they know you of course). The metro station seems to be the main mode of transportation too and from. It has been very interesting to learn how to navigate our way around Barcelona using the metro stations and train stations. I think we have it down path for the most part. 😉 I think the biggest cultural difference I have noticed is eating schedule. Most people eat dinner from 9 to 11. Unlike at home when dinner is typically earlier in the night. When most Americans are eating dinner, Spaniards are eating a light snack. Definitely took us some time to get used to the schedule or “timetable” as they call it. I have also noticed how slow paced life is here in Spain. Everyone seems so laid back and relaxed. All in all I absolutely love the culture here in Spain and could go on and on about all I have learned and seen throughout my experience. It is definitely something you have to experience to really understand the way of life!!

Connections to the Educational System

The educational system here is very different from American classrooms but I have also been able to make connections to the educational system at St. Pauls to the educational system of where I grew up and went to school. St. Pauls is very Art orientated and incorporate Art in to various topics and lessons. The students seem to be very very good at Art even at a young age. The students are currently working on animation art. To create these animations, the students are working with the music teacher, art teacher, technology/computer teacher, as well as other teachers. I have loved seeing how the teachers have collaborated with on another so that students could incorporate various types of art and not just drawings. I think helping in the Art class at St. Pauls has definitely been my favorite connection. I come from a background where Art was prominent in the Elementary schools all the way to high school and where art teachers, music teachers, and other teachers collaborated.  I think it is very important for students to be immersed in the art culture. It contributes to students learning tremendously and allows the students to show their creative sides.


Tomorrow is our last day at St. Pauls. This experience has changed me in so many ways and have been an experience of a lifetime. I am definitely going to miss St. Pauls and the culture here in Spain. I can’t wait to incorporate various ideas I have learned from being at St. Pauls into my future classroom!!





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